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Welcome from Our President
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Thank you for your interest in Huanghuai University. The university is a well-known university of applied sciences with a long history of working closely with industry, ensuring that courses are relevant to employers’ needs. It is a pilot institution for Strategic Research on Universities of Applied Sciences initiated by the Ministry of Education, the standing site of International Forum on Industry and Education. The university has already held four sessions of “International Forum on Industry and Education (IFIE)” which has provide an international platform for the educational institutions and enterprises both home and abroad. The consensus reached on the forum has been filed into the schooling development of the government and the practice of many universities. It has become a high-end branding forum with growing international influences. HU focuses on integration of education and industry. “Huanghuai University Cooperation Development Alliance” was established with in-depth cooperation with 191 domestic and foreign enterprises. The innovation and entrepreneurship education is a pilot program nationalwide. From top-level design to evaluation system, a comprehensive network of innovation and entrepreneurship has nurtured products, start-ups, entrepreneurs and successful business. In recent 3 years, over 60 small- size science and technology enterprises have been successfully incubated and two became quoted companies.


HU are working with world well-known higher education institutes and research centers, sharing high-quality educational resources with world renowned universities through international partnerships. The overseas partnership provides opportunity for students to spend time in another overseas country during their studies. With recruiting more students from a global talent pool, Huanghuai University aims to offer students the opportunity to go global and to ensure that they take every opportunity to make them stand out.


HU is a on a strong upward trajectory which is attracting significant investment to provide the most up-to-date facilities. It has advanced digital campus facilities based on cloud computing technology. Stadiums, libraries, laboratories, studios, concert halls and art galleries are open to the public, and have plenty of activities all the year round. Over 20000 students and 1200 full-time working staff are living, thriving and learning here. There are total 6 faculties and 59 programs. Economics, business management, media communication, film and animation production, music performances are very popular with international students. There are 6 undergraduate joint programs and 6 diploma joint programs. The design and implementation are carried out by HU and overseas partner universities. Those programs are delivered in English. Besides the degree programs, HU offers Chinese Language and Culture programs which are open all year round with interesting courses and workshops.


Zhumadian City, where HU is located, has long history and beautiful scenery. It was and is still an important transport hub. There is an old saying, He who wins the central plain wins the whole nation, which indicates the importance of this place. ZMD is named as Royal Station in ancient China. Thanks to a well-and modern transportation infrastructure, it is convenient and inexpensive to get around in China from here. It is around 10 minutes’ drive to the high-speed rail station and the national highway entrance. Also, it takes less than 2 hours to get to the airports nearby. Many traveling resources around this city. Chaya Mountain--- the Bonsai in Central Plain. Nanhai Temple, the largest temple in Asia, is one hour drive to the east of the city. There are many historical sites and scenic spots in Henan Province which you can have one day trip. Such as Kaifeng City---a capital for eight dynasties, Shaolin Temple & Kungfu Performance, Luoyang Longmen Grottoes---world culture heritage.


From different regions of the world, we gather together in Huanghuai! From HU, we have different paths of global movement. On behalf of the staff and students of Huanghuai University, I would like to extend our warm welcome to you all! Welcome to join us!


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